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Richard S. Vosko, Ph.D., Hon. AIA, is a well known sacred space planner working throughout North America. He is a presbyter in the Diocese of Albany. His periodic musings about religious art and architecture are published here for discussion. For more information on Vosko’s projects, publications and speaking engagements please click on the other sections at the top of this blog or send an email to Thank you.


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  1. Dear Father,
    This is an incredible homily. I wish I heard you deliver it.
    Since Don died I have tried to reach out to the elderly in my neighborhood & been quie successful. This summer I’l volunteer at the food pantry & I hope to work with new immigrants.
    I consider everyone my neighbor.Thank you,Chris


  2. Please send me your weekly homilies. Thank you.


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  4. Father Vosko, my friend Bill Kneissl, a regular parishioner at St. Vincent’s Church, continues to send me a link to your weekly sermons. Yesterday’s was excellent as usual. Your statement, “One could say that ordination to priesthood is not the sacrament upon which the future of the church will depend. Baptism is.” as well as the following paragraphs reminded me a a conversation I had with my dear friend Father Bob Mattingly. Bob is now retired but still happy to be assisting in several parishes with Mass and Sacraments in the Diocese of Venice, Florida. He is absolutely comfortable in being an ordained priest, yet he de-emphasizes the importance of priestly ordination, reminding us that all Baptized Catholics are “priest, prophet and king”. He also would favor female priests and married priests. Bob and I had been students at Our Lady of Angels Seminary south of Albany, which I understand is no longer there. Peace. Paul Skizinski


    • No priest = no Eucharist. Each of us is certainly called through our Baptism to minister in the Church, but priests are obviously an essential part of the process and yes, the future of the Church depends on it!


    • Paul, I’m reading your above remarks four years after you wrote them. I live six months a year in Venice, Florida. I don’t know Fr. Bob Mattingly but think I would like to meet him.


      • Richard Holmes, thank you for your reply to a comment I made four years ago. Please find me on Facebook and send me a private message with your email and/or other contact information. I will forward that to Father Bob, thereby respecting his personal information and allowing him to contact you if he chooses to do so. Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Paul Skizinski


  5. Greetings again, Father Vosko! I had just posted a comment on a web site called Tasty Fever, and received an email confirmation of my entry. On that page, I found a link to your web site. I’m not sure of your connection, but I recognized your name, and remember meeting you following Mass at St. Vincent’s in late September of last year.


  6. Father Vosko
    One of the unfortunate things about being away from St Vincent’s for an extended period of time in addition to the terrific liturgy, great music and super staff ( yeh Betsy) are your wonderful thought provoking homilies. So I am very grateful that you post them for folks like us that miss them and St Vincent’s
    See you in early December
    Tom Wilkey


  7. please add me to your distriburtion list


  8. Please add us to your list


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