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Homily – 2 April 2017 – Become One With God

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Fifth Sunday of Lent A — April 2, 2017 – Become One With God

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These biblical stories are so vivid there is the strong temptation to imagine them as if they were true stories. We know that one of the purposes of scripture is to enlighten us about how God works in our lives. Parables and testimonies are helpful to us. However, all too often, we focus on the spectacular parts of a story (creation, the flood, the exodus, or miracles of Jesus) rather than trying to unwrap their deeper meanings. 

The first reading from Ezekiel is a good example. The cultural identity of God’s people was threatened by the severe unjust treatment by more powerful nations. Freedom from that oppression, Ezekiel wrote, will be like rising up out of a grave. Further, Ezekiel identified God as the one who would deliver the people out of captivity and into a new age.

What about Lazarus? Scholars continue to debate whether or not Lazarus was really dead or in a coma. No one really knows and it doesn’t really matter. Rev. Beverly Bingle remarks that the story is a statement of faith in ongoing transformation made possible by following the life of Christ. Scholar John Pilch puts it this way. The eternal life that Jesus gives his followers does not abolish death but rather transcends it.

For the past weeks we have been focusing on the miracle stories in the gospel of John purportedly to promote belief in Jesus of Nazareth as the messiah. The conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman was an “aha” moment. When she became aware of who Jesus was she became a disciple. 

Similarly with the man born blind. That act of healing conveyed how living a life of faith and good work can bring about great rewards. So too, the story about Lazarus signals to us that death is a sign of a deeper awakening to the fullness of life, the “eternal life” that comes with Christian faith. 

I like to think that Jesus was giving Lazarus a second chance. Lazarus you cannot die yet. You have too much to do. Get up and get out there to take care of others. It was also a clear message to Lazarus’ sisters and friends that the promise of eternity comes after hard work.

In metaphorical terms, if the stories about the woman at the well and the one born blind are references to Jesus as the living water and the light of the world then this gospel refers to Jesus as a liberator from all that holds us captive.

What the scriptures ask us ultimately is to become one with God. This is hard to do if we keep imagining that God is out there somewhere, different from us; that God is pulling all the strings — forgiving us, pushing us, getting us out of hot water. 

To become one with God is a day to day commitment to practice compassion, to stand by those who are excluded from society, denied food, health care and living wages, abandoned by surrogates and peers, entrapped by power and greed. 

Jesus of Nazareth was the premier revelation of a God who desired to communicate with us. God cannot be apprehended by temptation, oppression, suffering and death. By becoming one with God we too can transcend death.

Christopher Dean is coming closer to his baptismal bath often described as dying and rising with Christ. Both Katria Foster, who is seeking full membership in our church, and Chris will celebrate the spirit of God that dwells within them and sustains all of us on our journeys. Together we dare to be witnesses of a God who cannot die.



Author: Richard S. Vosko

Richard S. Vosko, Ph.D., Hon. AIA, is an internationally known sacred space planner. He is a presbyter in the Diocese of Albany who enjoys the classroom as much as the pulpit. On Sundays he presides at worship at St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Albany, NY. For more information on Vosko’s background, his projects, publications and speaking engagements please go to his website. For his homilies and occasional musings about religion, art and architecture go to his blog. Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcomed there.

One thought on “Homily – 2 April 2017 – Become One With God

  1. Your interpretation of these 3 miracles of Jesus is eye opening for me. It gives me a fresh new look at the stories I’ve heard for so long. I especially appreciate thinking that dying to anything that has held me captive, and death ultimately, is liberation.


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