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Berakah Award Received


L-R: Vosko, Dr. Don Saliers, Rabbi Larry Hoffman, Dr. Jill Crainshaw, President

Richard S. Vosko, Ph.D., Hon. AIA received the Berakah Award, the highest honor given by the North American Academy of Liturgy on January 9, 2011 in San Francisco, CA. Vosko was recognized for his liturgical scholarship and award winning contributions to sacred art and architecture. A priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, Vosko has worked for forty years as a sacred space planner collaborating with Catholics and Jews throughout North America in creating places for worship. His work is well known internationally.

The North American Academy of Liturgy is an international and inter-religious organization composed of scholars, artists and musicians. It was organized in December 1973, ten years after the promulgation of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council. Vosko is a founding member. The Academy’s purpose is twofold: To promote liturgical scholarship among its members through opportunities for exchange of ideas, and to extend the benefits of this scholarship to the worshiping communities to which its members belong.

In his Berakah Award response Vosko spoke about “The Language of Liturgical Architecture: Archetypes and Clichés.”


Author: Richard S. Vosko

Richard S. Vosko, Ph.D., Hon. AIA, is an internationally known sacred space planner. He is a presbyter in the Diocese of Albany who enjoys the classroom as much as the pulpit. On Sundays he presides at worship at St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Albany, NY. For more information on Vosko’s background, his projects, publications and speaking engagements please go to his website. For his homilies and occasional musings about religion, art and architecture go to his blog. Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcomed there.

2 thoughts on “Berakah Award Received

  1. Congratulations Richard on this blessing from your peers. Where are you ever going to hang that plaque??


  2. Mazel tov Richard, very nice indeed!


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