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Your comments on the Liturgy please


Dear Friends:

Peace and blessings to you in the new year!

My next homily – for the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time – will be posted on January 16, 2011.

In the meantime, I ask a favor of those of you who are members of or regular visitors to St. Vincent de Paul parish in Albany, NY.

You have read about the forthcoming revisions in the language we used at Liturgy. The new translation will be used for the first time on the First Sunday of Advent this year. The staff at St. Vincent’s wants to take this time for renewing our understanding of and celebration of the Liturgy.

As a first step we invite you to answer the following questions by January 16th. The questions are also listed on the St. Vincent de Paul website.

1. What happens to you and our community each Sunday at Mass when the scripture is proclaimed and the homily is shared in the Liturgy of the Word?

2. What happens to you and to us, as a community, each week at Mass when we celebrate the Liturgy of the Eucharist?

3. What do you look and hope for in these celebrations?

There are four ways to respond:

– Use this blog to make your comments

– Email your comments directly to Parish Life Director, Betsy Rowe-Manning, at

– Print out your comments and place them in the collection basket.

– “Share” this blog with others. See below.


Author: Richard S. Vosko

Richard S. Vosko, Ph.D., Hon. AIA, is an internationally known sacred space planner. He is a presbyter in the Diocese of Albany who enjoys the classroom as much as the pulpit. On Sundays he presides at worship at St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Albany, NY. For more information on Vosko’s background, his projects, publications and speaking engagements please go to his website. For his homilies and occasional musings about religion, art and architecture go to his blog. Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcomed there.

2 thoughts on “Your comments on the Liturgy please

  1. Bill and I did this and sent it to BETSY


  2. 1.Through the scripture readings I often come to understand more about God’s love for us and our mandate to care for one another, especially the poorest among us.
    The homilies almost always challenge me to bring the messages of the scriptures into my daily life and to make changes in the way I do life.I will only speak for myself as I do not think I can comment on what happens to the community, only to me.

    2.I feel closer to both God and the community as I pray, listen, sing, share peace, receive the Body and Blood and celebrate God’s love for us. My resolve to try harder to love others is usually strengthened through the celebration of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Again, I do not feel able to speak about what happens to the community-only to me.

    3.What I hope for is what I get. I already get what I’m looking for at Sunday Mass. I’m not looking for anything else-or if I am, I am just not in touch with it or aware of it.


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